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Weekend - expatsinlondon

Friday I took Mary to Petticoat Lane, which is one of the more famous market streets here. I was hoping there'd be a book stall or two, but it was all clothes. Some things were rather cute and very cheap but it was all summer stuff. England has the best street names. I walked down Frying Pan Lane on the way home.

Friday night we went to Wagamama Noodle for dinner. It's this Japanese noodle bar chain that's pretty much everywhere here. They have those high chairs that hook right onto the table. Mary thought it was just the greatest thing ever to be sitting right at the table with us. Once I got the salt off, she played with the pile of discarded edamame bean pods. I was holding one of my udon noodles for her to lick. Well the noodle was slippery and she's rather strong because in about two seconds she slurped down the whole noodle. The look of shock on her face was amazing. She didn't know what to make of it. I was worried she'd choke on it but the whole thing just slid right on down.

Saturday was particularly lazy. We didn't wake up until 10:30 (it's so difficult having a baby who prefers to sleep in). We lazed around for awhile, then she went down for a nap. By the time she woke up again three hours later, we were ready to get out of the house. We went neighborhood searching again down to Isle of Dogs, which is on the north side of the river right across from our favorite neighborhood Greenwich. It's much less green in Isle of Dogs, but it's rather easy to find something really nice in our price range that's right on the water, which is nice. And there's an Asda Superstore right nearby. Asda is owned by Wal-Mart, and while the Asda Superstore wasn't nearly as large as a Supercenter, it was still much cheaper than other stores, although they didn't have many toys. Then we took the DLR (light rail) back towards home, leaving from Mudchute station. Again, they have the best names here. By this point Mary was getting hungry, and we'd forgotten her bottle at home (how? don't know. horrid parents.) She protested throughout the train ride. Not crying. Just shouting "blah blah blah blah blah blah blah" very loudly the entire way. Luckily she's cute so people just smile at her instead of rolling their eyes. We were standing by the train door and everytime we stopped and someone got on or off she'd reach out and grab them. 

Sunday we slept in again (only until 10 this time). We actually made it out of the house before she was ready for a nap. We walked to Kings Cross station to visit Platform 9 3/4. I've been waiting for that moment since we got here! I was entirely too excited to go see a silly tourist photo-op. We stood in queue behind a bunch of Japanese tourists and when it was our turn I eagerly ran up to the trolley cart disappearing into the wall and plopped Mary on top. There was a queue behind us still, so we didn't have time to get the perfect picture, but we took a few. Then we went next door to St. Pancras station because Aaron wanted to see it. He loves train stations. Boring. Then we went next door to that to the British Library. They have the Magna Carta, Guttenberg Bible, Da Vinci's notebooks, Shakespeare 1st editions, and many other texts dating back millenia. They also had a special display of Bibles, Torrahs & Qu'rans dating back millenia. Being the  dorky bookworm that I am, who likes nothing better than roaming the mildewy shelves of a used book store, could barely control my heart palpitations at the sight of so many ancient and beautiful crumbly books. The intricate illustrations and text on the old Bibles and such are amazing. Could have looked at them all day long. But Mary had other ideas after an hour of that thank you very much. So we walked home.

Must say, television is looking up. In addition to The X Factor, we are now huge fans of Outnumbered, a BBC comedy about parents and their three kids. It's very subtle and understated humor, and it's absolutely fantastic.

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